ENI Actions, Will Viggiano Influence?

Good news for the Renzi government, for the Italian macroeconomics, but especially for Italians in general. The new ISTAT data reveal an increase of 100,000 jobs for the month of December alone. The Jobs act has not yet come into effect at the actual level, nor the quantitative easing, however, the beginning of 2015 is very positive from this point of view. Two very popular companies, FCA and ENI, contribute to the increase in employment.

As we have already seen in another article in our blog, the Melfi plant will employ 1500 new people. More recent news, however, is about Eni, which will hire 1200 new employees on the Italian territory and specifically in the territory of Potenza, for the plant in Viggiano that needs maintenance. This is an operation that is not just a repair but a real relaunch of the infrastructure and the company in Italy. The vital importance of this operation can be seen above all if we consider that for this maintenance work the plant has been stopped, stopping production for about twenty days.

It should be borne in mind that Viggiano contributes to 80% of the oil extraction in Italy. A small parenthesis should be dedicated to the territory of Basilicata, which, although so important, is not sufficiently helped by the State from a welfare point of view. What interests us most about this operation is the long-term vision that the joint-stock company Eni intends to undertake in our territory. This is a synonym or rather a symptom of a company that is alive and competitive, as well as prepared from a technological and innovation point of view. Also thanks to the high number of new employees we could notice the positive results on the stock market of Eni shares in the event that this operation proves to be well placed in a more general field of corporate recovery. In the long term, these are important operations for the quality and relaunch of the brand.

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