Investing Money Online: A Beginner’s Guide

Today you can invest money online in many ways, but not everyone is safe and above all not all give the expected results. When you invest online you do so because it is fast, with some application at hand on your smartphone or computer, which requires just a few clicks. The fact that it is convenient and fast, makes the investment much more within reach, and therefore you are tempted to invest even when it is not the right time.

In this chapter, I’ll explain why investing using 24option along with our instructions for use is one of the best choices you can make. If you want to make a safe investment (for sure we mean “safe”, i.e. using brokers with a European license, we don’t mean insured earnings), i.e. where your money will be deposited into a regulated account that you can use freely and that won’t affect anyone else, then this is one of the best online solutions for you.

How To Invest Money Online Safely

Be careful. When I talk about “security” I don’t mean to deceive you at all, telling you how other sites do that you can earn safely. Security here is like that of a car. We will provide you with a solid car, belts, air bag and remove all alcoholic beverages and substances of various kinds. We’ll make sure you drive safely. We’ll make sure you invest, safely.

Have you made your choice? Well, that’s good. As you can see, there are also links to our complete guides. In each complete guide, let’s give practical examples with the platforms. In the guides you’ll find both screenshots and video tutorials.

Why Invest Online With Trading?

First, with an online trading platform you can invest money in anything you want: stocks, cryptocurrencies, futures, stock indices, bonds, government bonds, foreign exchange, commodities (gold, oil, etc.), options and more.

There is no limit, then, with regard to the specific investment. When we talk about shares it means that you can trade on thousands of shares around the world, which include all the most important Italian, European, American, Asian, Australian. The American stock market is very large and includes giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, eBay, Facebook and many other companies, which you know very well. You can invest in stocks in the sectors you prefer (e.g. technology, pharmaceuticals, insurance, etc.) or according to your ideas for the future (e.g. stocks on Cannabis or Blockchain).

Do you prefer to invest in crypto-currencies? You can invest in both the rise and fall of the bitcoin and all major crypto. Yes, CFD trading allows you to invest money online not only to make profits with the hope that the bitcoin will rise in value, but also to take advantage of its falls. There is nothing illegal about it: trading is this!

The great thing is that you can invest in everything we mentioned, without physically buying the various assets. For example, you can trade on Juventus shares without buying Juventus shares, but simply by trading up and down on its value. This is one of the most appreciated and intriguing features of online CFD trading.

In this regard, if you’re wondering what CFDs are, take a look at our article that explains what CFDs are, and which is part of a real course on this subject.

You Decide How To Invest – No One Else

With regulated trading platforms you can invest online as you want, when you want, how much you want. You can decide everything and have your funds under control at all times. Even after the deposit, they will be safe because a regulated broker cannot touch your money. You are the one who will give orders, through the platform, on what to invest and when.

A regulated broker will never tell you “invest in this thing right now”, as it would be a consultancy service. Those who offer you a service like “deposit 250 euros and then we’ll tell you how to invest at the right time” already know they’re saying something wrong. First, because before investing real money you should have the freedom to practice, free of charge, without depositing anything. Secondly, it is not necessarily the case that you have to deposit 250 euros (as those who call often require) in order to get started. There are regulated brokers that allow you to start with 100 euros, for example. Others, even with 10€.

A regulated broker has no shameless conflicts of interest, which an unregulated broker might have without anything to do with it. Unregulated brokers may take your money and deposit it in some tax haven. If you can do something (even though you may be new to the business and have been “thrown into the fray” by promises of easy investments) you may not be able to withdraw.

Here is then unveiled the game of those who call in the pile and propose to make trading even to people who do not know what it is. A fishing “network” far from healthy, in an industry like ours in which we struggle day after day to earn the trust of our readers and new traders.

Investing online with trading is not for everyone, but it can be.

If you want to invest money online, then online trading could become your best ally. You will have to follow a training path, even autonomous and self-taught if you prefer, but with our site you can do it without any problems. On, in fact, you will find all the information you need to start trading online soon and well.

What Is The Best Way To Invest Money Online?

You won’t believe it, but there’s an answer to that question. If by “convenience” we mean “paying less”, then the answer is Forex trading. This is because Forex actually has the lowest spreads.

Okay, maybe you don’t know these two terms, so let’s go and explain them better:

  1. Forex: it is the currency market, the currency market. In the Forex market (Foreign Exchange Market) one currency is exchanged for another and in this way new exchange rates are created (e.g. the euro-dollar exchange rate).
  2. Spreads: this is the broker’s compensation, which is calculated on the basis of the difference between the bid and ask price of the currency pairs, ie the price for the position of purchase (rise or “long”) and sale (fall or “short”). It is true, it is also used to indicate the differential between BTP and Bund but in this case you can forget what the TGs say, because in this case it is used with another meaning.

As you can see, if until a few seconds ago you didn’t know anything about Forex, now you already know the most important elements. Well, with our courses and our video tutorials you can learn everything you need about CFDs, Forex and everything related to playing in the stock exchange online with real or fictitious money.

Have You Discovered A Quick And Easy Way To Earn Money? Better To Avoid It.

There is no quick and easy way to earn money. If you found it, it means that someone is cheating you. Of course, great opportunities happen, but generally I advise you to avoid situations where:

  1. You are required to “just a deposit”.
  2. You don’t know what happens after the deposit, exactly, right before it.
  3. Your money is taken from sites that do not include on their page all the sacrosanct information on regulations, registered office, terms and conditions, risks, etc.
  4. You’re told you won’t have to do anything.
  5. It is promoted in ways that everything seems too simple (e.g., “I can’t believe I made thousands of euros in just days”).
  6. It is not explicitly stated what your money is invested in (for example, you may find some site that offers “dry” investments instead of trading). In this case you may also get in trouble, as they may also finance illegal activities.

If the quick and easy way to earn that you have found includes one or more of these points, leave it alone and never think about it again. The Internet is full of ambiguous sites and you don’t know how many people are convinced by sites like Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Profit and so on. Or, in a softer way, from sites like Forexclusive or Newsdiqualita. In specific articles we talked about it in depth, analyzing the marketing methodologies.

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