Trading on IOTA, How to Start, Platforms

What exactly does trading on IOTA mean? In this article we will try to explain to the best the differences that there are between to acquire IOTA and to make trading, because often one tends to put these two terminologies on the same identical plan (thing that is obviously wrong). In this article we will also see how to trade Iota CFDs, or how to trade CFDs, financial instruments based on the value of the cryptocurrency and on which you can trade up and down.

IOTA trading presupposes a practice of exchange, therefore a practice if we want more complex in comparison to that of purchase. The exchange can take place involving other cryptocurrencies, as well as “traditional” money. Those who trade, and then buy and sell financial assets, do nothing but speculate on price rises and falls: trading basically assumes a background analysis and therefore a capacity, on the part of the operator, to predict the exact moment when prices will rise or fall. To make trading on IOTA means to have a certain knowledge of the financial markets and of their operation in general, but it also means to know well the world e-currency and all the variables that in some way can influence the course (also because the forecast will have to be based on some parameter!).

To venture into this type of activity, in addition to having a good knowledge of the industry and have a minimum of capital, you need to rely on a reliable and regulated broker, such as Plus500, among the few brokers in the world to include IOTA among the cryptocurrencies traded.

Do you Trade IOTA With CFDs or Buy IOTAs?

The substantial difference between trading and buying IOTA is, as we have seen, in the fact of holding or not the units of currency: in the first case there is not a real physical possession of the currency, while in the second case yes; moreover if the trading presupposes an outcome of the investment in a rather circumscribed period of time, the purchase and resale of currency gives rise instead to longer operations.

As far as the CFD IOTA trading platforms are concerned, as we have already seen, among the best are Plus500 and eToro. These (and other) brokers allow investors to launch their own prediction and to make interesting gains if the outcome of things coincides with the prediction made. In this case, therefore, we do not talk about buying IOTA, but simply to negotiate on its value.

If the objective is the real purchase, then what must be done is to turn to an exchange platform, such as Coinbase or Kraken, which serves precisely to buy IOTA and eventually resell it if its price were to rise: the gain would naturally be produced by the difference between the purchase price and that of (re)sale. Exchange platforms allow you to buy and resell IOTA with both “real” money and other cryptocurrencies, so it is not impossible, for example, to buy IOTA with Bitcoins.

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