Trading On Your Mobile Phone Or From Home?

Those who trade are wondering if sometimes the mobile phone trading platform can lose a few strokes compared to the platform used on the computer. This obviously depends on the quality of the mobile platform, as well as on the seriousness and professionalism of the broker who makes it available. Examples of good platforms are, for example, 24option, whose mobile platform is virtually perfect and can withstand any kind of stress test to which it is subjected. Before we see which solution is the best and discover any differences, let’s see together how to download the trading platform on your mobile phone.

Download The Mobile Trading App

To download the trading platform for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you need to choose a broker (for example from our table at the top right) and remember his name. Once we have chosen it, we open the app shop of our mobile phone (Apple Store for Apple devices, Google Play for Samsung devices, etc.) and look for the same name as the broker. If the platform is also available on mobile, a downloadable application will appear. Then, repeating:

  1. Choose a broker from the table on the right that groups together the most popular and used ones
  2. Open the online app store for your mobile device
  3. Search broker name

Download the application that appears as the first result (make sure it’s the official app, you’ll notice from the many clicks and reviews)

Differences between Mobile and Computer Trading

One of the most obvious differences between mobile options trading platforms and standard platforms, is that mobile options trading platforms are created specifically for these devices. Holding a phone or tablet is not the same as holding a big screen. The number of elements (words, tables, charts, etc.) that can be viewed on a large screen can never be seen on a single screen of the mobile phone.

For this reason, the phone trading app is made so that you can see everything great, but on different screens. For example, there are nice large and readable keys for operations to do to place an order, as well as you can view the charts well once the order has started. Well, the big difference is precisely this: with the trading platforms you follow a natural order, in order to ensure the user the ability to make all the operations he wants and in an easy way. At the same time, the user will be given the opportunity to study in detail its operations, both while they are “alive”, and later, with access to its history of operations, or a balance sheet with all operations carried out and sorted in chronological sense.

Phone or Tablet?

A good question. It ‘s definitely the doubt that comes to many traders who begin to trade more consistently and prefer to have a better view. Many are wondering how to trade wherever you are from the tablet. The solution is simple. If you want to have a wider view than your smartphone’s display but at the same time have the freedom to trade wherever you are, you can use your SIM card on the same tablet. Still, you can get a USB stick for internet connection, such as a handy WebPocket of the 3. The solutions are different and it does not matter if you choose the 3, Telecom Italia Mobile or Vodafone. What matters is that you feel good and that you are satisfied.

There is also a small difference between the phone and the tablet. In fact, even if from both you can access the trading platform via browser, ie from the website, on your smartphone in which case you would have the problem of small size with which the same is displayed. With the tablet, however, you do less effort.

For this reason, the tablet is definitely a better solution than the smartphone with regard to the use of the browser platform. As for the app, they’re both on the same level, whatever smartphone you’re using.

Which Smartphones Can I Trade With?

Those who want to trade online with their smartphone can also use the new iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3. As you can see, these are the latest models manufactured by their respective companies, and it is therefore easy to understand how much importance brokers give to the downloadable platform on mobile, always attentive to new market demands. The design team will ensure that traders are kept up to date with any phone production company or service provider.

With Which Tablets Can I Trade Binary Options?

Among the most widely used tablets for binary options trading are the iPad Mini and the iPad Air. 24option, for example, provides great usability and performance on these types of devices, great for professional and limitless trading.

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