Those who trade are wondering if sometimes the mobile phone trading platform can lose a few strokes compared to the platform used on the computer. This obviously depends on the quality of the mobile platform, as well as on the seriousness and professionalism of the broker who makes it available.Continue Reading

What exactly does trading on IOTA mean? In this article we will try to explain to the best the differences that there are between to acquire IOTA and to make trading, because often one tends to put these two terminologies on the same identical plan (thing that is obviously wrong).Continue Reading

Before trading you should also plan all costs related to the services provided by paid brokers. These services can be of various kinds and can concern the strictly operational side, as well as the side concerning the movements of money (withdrawals). To get started, you need a broker, so itContinue Reading

Good news for the Renzi government, for the Italian macroeconomics, but especially for Italians in general. The new ISTAT data reveal an increase of 100,000 jobs for the month of December alone. The Jobs act has not yet come into effect at the actual level, nor the quantitative easing, however,Continue Reading

What is the difference between buying stocks and trading CFDs? In fact, the answer is inherent in the same question. The main difference is that while buying shares you buy and then become the owner of the stock, with CFDs you trade (trading) and then you do not become theContinue Reading